Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Food and Service at Vito's Continues to be Fun!

We had last dined at Vito's Italian Grill, 395 N. Aurora Road, Aurora, on our wedding anniversary last October. We had a delightful dinner at this locally owned and operated establishment, which I reported on here. Last Sunday, after returning from a weekend in Dayton, we returned to Vito's and enjoyed another fun and tasty meal.

At Vito's, even the decor is fun - I adore these whimsical light fixtures:

We began our meal with a bottle of Liberty School Syrah, which had deep cherry notes and accompanied our food well.

The steaming, fragrant bread was accompanied by a delightful seasoned olive oil, which also had a bit of balsamic at its bottom:

We ordered "side" salads for our first course. We were pleasantly surprised by a nice assortment of Spring Mix and an herbed tomato wedge, with a lovely balsamic and shallot vinaigrette served on the side.

Bob selected the Salssicia Mordace: Roasted Italian Sausage with peppers, cannellini beans, tomatoes and arugula.

The sausage was mild, but very tasty, and the vegetables made a crispy counterpoint to the creamy beans. A lovely dish.

Last time, I had tried the Veal Parmesan; this time, I decided to see how their Eggplant Parm would taste.

The Eggplant had been painstakingly prepared - it was purged (allowed to sit with salt coating the slices, then rinsed with water) so well that the flesh cooked up incredibly softly, and with no bitterness. The breading was just right, and the layer of ricotta cheese under the mozzerella made the dish especially satisfying. The server said that the sauce is made to order, and the pasta was perfectly al dente. The server said they make their eggplant freshly every day, and it certainly tasted that fresh to me, even on a Sunday!

Inside the Eggplant.

Another attempt to peek at the inside.

Bob and I both got a lunch out of our leftovers - the best way to play with your food! Vito's is open for dinner 7 nights a week, and remains highly recommended for fun and flavor.

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