Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Fun Playing With Lamb, Cauliflower, and Indian Spices

Bob and I are preparing for the Jewish holiday of Passover, which begins this Saturday. As part of the general prep and housecleaning, I inventoried our spices, both in the cubboard and in the freezer. After handling all of the spice jars and bags - I found myself with an intense craving for Indian food! I also was craving fresh fish, which is extremely hard to come by in this town.

The spices were on hand, but where to find the fish? I visited The BayLobsters Fish Market for the first time on Saturday, and I was pleasantly surprised. They had the most beautiful fresh Halibut filets, and whole Red Snappers. I went with the Halibut (do I need to say why?).

I picked up an Organic Cauliflower at the Mustard Seed, and made an Indian Fish Curry, using several recipes for guides, but basically inventing it as I went along. Unfortunately, I was too stressed and tired to take pictures of it, but it was fantastic. The pound of fish and half cauliflower yielded enough food for two dinners for us, Saturday and Sunday.

Monday, I was still craving Indian flavors (we haven't had Indian food in a long while), and the craving was intensified when I walked into the house after work. It still smelled like an Indian restaurant! I saw a half leg of lamb (also from Mustard Seed - Bob had stopped by during the day) in the fridge, and went to work. I found a recipe for an Indian spice rub for the lamb, and a slightly different set of seasonings for the cauliflower, and Bob went to work. Add a rice cooker of Dark Basmati, and a Zinfandel that was made for lamb - and we were ready to play with our food!

Boneless Leg of New Zealand Lamb Crusted with Indian Spices

Roasted Cauliflower with Black Mustard Seeds, Ripe Garden Jalapeno, Ginger and Turmeric

Food that is fun, and good for you, too!

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