Monday, May 5, 2008

Fun Playing with Goulash Soup and Homemade Bread

I've been so busy that I'm a week behind in blogging - and we got to play with some wonderful food over the past week! So, bear with me!

Bob likes to cook up a big pot of something on Mondays, so he doesn't have to cook dinner every night. Last Monday, he picked up our copy of Best of the Midwest by Linda and Fred Griffith, which I had been perusing for an event I'm catering soon. He took one look at the recipe I'd tagged, for "Goulash Soup," and knew we had to have it.

Bob has been a bread baker for many years. Recently, he tried a new trick - breaking up a standard recipe of dough into four equal parts, and refrigerating three of them until needed. This allowed us to have hot-from-the-oven bread with each dinner of the soup with minimal fuss, and also effected portion control (it is easy to lose control around a freshly baked loaf of bread).

Bob's Whole Wheat Bread

1/4 loaf worth proofs.

Unfortunately, Bob make the soup while I was work, so I have no "how to" photos. The dish consists of ingredients you might expect in a goulash - with one notable omission - Hungarian Paprika! Fortunately, we still have a good supply of our homegrown stuff in the freezer from last summer, so that was no problem. Also incongruous to my Jewish palate - crisped bacon in addition to beef stew meat. It was simply delicious!

Like most stews, this one was better the next day. And like most stews, the contents soaked up a lot of the liquid as each day went by - it became more like goulash than soup. But that was ok with us!

Reheated After a Couple of Days in the Fridge

We love Linda and Fred's cookbooks - they give us wonderful ideas for playing with our food!

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