Monday, May 19, 2008

Fun Playing with Grass Fed Beef from Wayne Cattle Company

Last Saturday, Bob and I finally made it to the Geauga Farmers' Market, lured by an email from Brandon Smith, who is the heart and soul behind Wayne Cattle Company, purveyors of fabulous grass-fed Longhorn beef. It was more of a market preview, with only three vendors there. But I was so grateful to Brandon for getting me to locate this market - it is only a few miles from my house, which I hadn't realized.

And - we got what we went for - some of Brandon's fantastic grass fed beef. We also saw Courtney from Herbthyme and picked up some yummy lettuce and some basil plants (lemon and lime basil).

We couldn't wait - we had to defrost a couple of steaks for Saturday's dinner!

Wayne Cattle Company Bone In Ribeye

Seared in Hot Cast Iron, then oven finished to rare

Puffed Potatoes

Yukon Golds tossed with Lemon infused Grapeseed Oil and Emeril's Essence (Bam!), then baked in the toaster oven until crispy.

Sauteed Baby Bok Choy, Yellow Bell Pepper, Garlic and Hot Pepper

A fabulous meal, made possible by Brandon's amazing beef!

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  1. What a shame Bob doesn't like beef. LOL. I'm glad to hear that Brandon's beef is tasty. I'm a bit outside his delivery area, and driving to the Geauga FM seems a bit absurd when there are others much closer to where I live.

    I recently found out that there's a farm very near my home that supplies grass-fed beef. Talk about "local-sustainable". :)