Thursday, July 10, 2008

Fun Playing with Birthday Treats

My office subscribes to that delightful American tradition of treating everyone who works here to a cake on or close to their birthday. In recent years, our cakes are custom made by one of our receptionists, who really ought to be in the food biz!

The usual procedure involves a memo from the desk telling everyone the date and time to assemble in the conference room. When I received my memo (I had picked today, a day before my actual birthday, because one of my partners is off on Fridays), the time conflicted with a client appointment. Since I wanted to move the time earlier, into the lunch hour - why not order in lunch for the office? And where better to order in from than Mister Brisket!

Lunch arrived right on time at noon. Most of the lunch menu options were well represented - 1 turkey and swiss, 2 corned beefs, 3 pastramis and 1 BBQ Brisket. I only got photos of mine and the BBQ Brisket - everyone else ate them too fast!

My Pastrami on Rye with Spicy Mustard

BBQ Brisket on Whole Wheat

No toppings necessary. We all agreed we have to try this sandwich soon!

And here is my cake:

I am a longtime Doonesbury fan - I have a Broadway Show poster and a fully autographed cast page from the 1984 Broadway show on my office wall. The cake was spice cake stuffed with vanilla pudding and maple frosting.

And it isn't even my real birthday yet! Play on . . . .


  1. Once again, yummy photos! I heart Mr. Brisket!

  2. And his pickles must be something special - everyone at the table who doesn't despise pickles (everyone except me and Jamie, I think) ate them (as in, the whole thing), and that never happens.