Wednesday, September 17, 2008

More Fun Playing With Garden Tomatoes!

These photos were taken prior to my shoulder surgery last Friday - just as tomato season was coming into its full glory!

To detract for a moment - the surgery went very well - I had a Blankart Procedure to re-attach and repair a torn labrum - you can see an animation of it here, if you are so inclined. PT starts tomorrow, and I should be slinging pots and pans again in 1-3 months. Until then, I am relegated to the computer!

So - what to do with loads of yummy tomatoes and fresh basil? Saute with a bit of good olive oil and serve with pasta and Reggiano Parmesan.

But what do you do if you also have fresh garden corn? Stuff the tomato with filling of choice (this was onion, garlic & sausage) and bake, then serve with an ear of lightly steamed fresh corn on the side!

Alas that garden season is so short here in Northeast Ohio - but until it ends, we'll keep playing with our garden goodies!

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