Monday, November 17, 2008

Fun Playing With Challah Bread

The last time Bob made Challah, we were at my mother's house in NY - I don't recall if we were even married yet - it was a long time ago! It became rather comical - after going to all the work of making and braiding the dough - Bob accidentally engaged the "self clean" cycle on the oven, locking us out of it for a couple of hours, which allowed the bread to become hopelessly over-risen. You cannot make stuff like that up.

Fast forward to a recent Friday. Both of our local Challah "go to" places - D&R Bagels and The Mustard Seed were out. So - Bob decided to play with some dough and make Challah from scratch for us.

Good Braid Job!

Brushed with Miller Farms Egg



Of course, the best use for Challah (once Friday night is over) is for making French Toast!

More Miller Farm Eggs

Non-Stick Skillet with a Ghee Lube


Add a liberal pour of the Blue Egg Farmer's Hickory Syrup and we're almost ready

Add a dollop of Bing Cherry Jam from local farmer Herbthyme, and its a little bit of heaven on a plate

That's the bottle of jam at 12 o'clock. A luscious combination - fun to make and to eat!

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  1. I am not a big fan of challah, but it does make fabulous french toast. I also kind of like it in grilled cheese. I love the before and after pictures, maybe I should get my hubby to bake us some challah too.