Monday, November 17, 2008

Fun Playing With Fresh Chicken, From Farm to Table

We recently picked up our last chicken shares from the CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) of the Blue Egg Farm. I brought my camera to our visit to Kathy Breychak's farm, and I was glad I did.

We were greeted by the resident rooster turkey, who is a grand old fellow.

An Araucana Chicken Struts Her Stuff

We arrived just in time for Kathy to deliver lunch to the turkeys and geese.

These geese know where their next meal is coming from - and they want it now.

I understand that there are still geese available for sale, with pickup in December 2008. Please contact Kathy for more info.

Hungry, aren't they?

Ahh - fed at last!

Kathy tries to introduce one of her little friends - surprise!

The lambs look on and await their turn.

Feed Me!

And of course, the object of this particular trip:

Free Ranging Chickens!

Sadly, I neglected to photograph our birdie before Butcher Bob got to her.

Butterflied Birdie

After a spice rub and a visit to Mr. Weber - our birdie looked like this:

Bob's a Leg and Thigh Man

Breast and Wing for Me!

The textures and tastes of this bird were incomparable - likely due to the combination of the way it was raised and the freshness factor. Thanks to Kathy Breychak, we got to play with our food, literally, from farm to table. And Playing With Food doesn't get any better than that!

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