Saturday, November 1, 2008

Fun Playing With Harvest Foods

Oh my goodness - I feel like a squirrel who hasn't stored away enough acorns for winter yet - way behind!

The good news is that my surgically repaired shoulder continues to mend nicely and I've started to cook again. Bob and I spent some time in NY last week, which has my blogging even further behind. Oh well.

Way back on . . . October 16 it was. Despite frost warnings, the tomatoes and peppers continued thriving in our garden - but alas, the green beans were simply left out there too long as we prepared for the catering event at the end of September. Bob brought them in, and you could tell by the way they looked, they would be far too tough to eat.

And it was such a shame - our first harvest of beans in August was plentiful, but short-lived; Bob planted again hoping we'd have another shot at them, and we kinda wasted it. Well - maybe not.

The next series of photos are from that yellow, most overripe bean in the center of the photo - but it turned out that most of these beans were very similar inside - and a wonderful treat it was!

Well - they are beans, after all!

Beautiful purple and white flecked beans. Perfect for a harvest stew!

Harvest Stew

Bob's stew added several ears of corn from the last week of the Geauga Farmers' Market, as well as the soaked and cooked beans, and some hot peppers and yellow Azoychka tomatoes from the garden, together with incredibly tender lamb stew meat from Great American Lamb Company, also a vendor at the Geauga Market.

And, like all stews worthy of the name - it got even better the next day!

Though we knew that summer was now past and fall fully entrenched, enjoying this lovely stew primed our palates for the change in seasons. And, we are not quite finished playing with our garden yet!

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