Thursday, January 29, 2009

Even More Fun Playing With Pizza, Pig, and Lamb Heart at Lolita

Our flight home from Delray, amazingly, arrived right on time. We got our bag and our car, and it wasn't even five o'clock yet. Where to dine on a Tuesday night after leaving the southern confines? Why - Lolita of course. Pig Roast. Calling us.

We arrived in Tremont about quarter to five - so we stopped in at the Flying Monkey for a beverage and to call a couple of friends. After a lovely cocktail and successful phoning, we headed to Lolita, where Happy Hour was in progress.

I decided to try the Happy Hour Red Wine (a steal at $4/glass).

I'm partial to Malbec anyway - but this one was fantastic. I happily drank it all the way through dinner!

After our friends arrived, we moved to a table and pondered the latest menu. There is always something new to try at Lolita, and tonight was no exception.

Lamb Heart

I was not at all shy about trying the lamb heart; I'd tasted beef heart last year at Alinea. But whereas the beef was thinly shaved - the lamb ticker was served in bold chunks.

It was delicious.

Pickled Green Tomato, Prosciutto Pizza

I adore the way the prosciutto crisps up (like bacon), and contrasts against the briny tomatoes.

I should mention that the bread service from On the Rise continues to impress.

But these were all preliminaries for The Pig. All four of us ordered The Pig. And we were glad we did.

The potatoes and veggies under the pork were cooked in pork fat. Yum. Yum. No dessert necessary (unless you count the cracklin').

Chef Matt Harlan and his crew continue to come up with wonderful ways for us to play with roast pig, and now, lamb heart. Did I mention yum?

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  1. The lamb beaters with caramelized onions were grand! Who'da thunk it? Those picledgreen tomatoes were genius! I wonder whether the prosciutto was from La Quercia?