Saturday, January 24, 2009

Fun Trying to Catch Up

Sorry to be gone for so long, but I've been a busy little blogger (well, maybe not so little, but definitely busy) - first a trip to Florida for Mom's 70th birthday celebration - then a whirlwind of work (real clients with real legal matters - oh bother) and dining out since our return last Tuesday. Since the plane touched down, we've had dinner at Lolita (Pig Roast Night!), a fabulous Black Bean Chili (with garden tomatoes and leftover meatloaf - a strange set of bedfellows that made for awesome eats), dinner at Ponte Vecchio, cocktails at The Velvet Tango Room (and I fell asleep before I could even finish my Dark & Stormy - bummer), and a fabulous lunch today at Wonton Gourmet. Tomorrow is a wedding, and tonight a visit with an old friend (the bride's mom) who I haven't seen in over 10 years.

I am almost done processing all the photos, and should have some evidence of all of this playing with our food up here shortly.

Here's a look at Ponte Vecchio's open kitchen:

Stay tuned for more Fun Playing With Food!

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