Thursday, March 5, 2009

Fun Playing With Goose and a Spicy Curry

I had a terrible cold last week, and Bob found the perfect antidote. Actually, I had pulled the recipe for an Indian Goose Curry off of the internet somewhere a while ago, knowing that we had an amazing, but skinless, Breychak's Egg Farm goose in our freezer. When I saw the recipe - I knew it would be a great way to cook a goose with no skin.

But it was Bob who turned our naked bird and some fabulous herbs and spices (and, amazingly, no coconut milk or yogurt) into a fragrant, strengthening elixer.

Our Bird

No skin, because of Kathy's de-feathering snafu. No worries!

The Curry Simmers

The cauliflower was my idea, and it was a perfect addition. Unexpectedly, the goose took many more hours to become truly tender than the recipe suggested. But once it became tender- the taste was simply amazing - and not a bit gamy.

This is how it looked the second night, after the curry had cooled and thickened, and then was re-heated and served over Jasmine Rice.

We have just signed up for Kathy Breychak's 2009 CSA, and are looking forward to enjoying more of her delicious meat this summer. For now, we are down to one eating chicken and one soup chicken. And Passover is coming up, so I think I'll find a use for that soup chicken!

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