Thursday, March 5, 2009

More Fun Playing With Great Diner Fare at Kalie's

I am overdue for an update on Kalie's Family Restaurant, 4446 Mayfield Road, South Euclid Ohio [(216) 382-4490]. I have enjoyed several delicious lunches since my last Kalie's post in October 2008.

Lunch 11/6/08:

Cheeseburger Soup

House-made and delicious! So satisfying that Bruce at this for his lunch.

Goulash Soup

This had a nice spice level and rich flavor.

Mediterranean Salad w/Gyro Meat

My lunch - wonderful!

Lunch 1/26/09:

Freshly made Beef with Pasta Soup

I love their homemade soups!


Bruce's entree. Burgers come with your choice of fries or soup - today, Bruce took the soup!


Kalie's makes the most wonderful BLT.

Lunch 3/3/09 (Square Root Day - think about it!)

Cheeseburger with Fries

Chicken Paprikash

This bowl of Chicken Paprikash gave me the best, most lip-smacking enjoyment of anything I've had at Kalie's. Yes, I've had their Paprikash before and yes, it was good. But this bowl was over the top.

Huge chunks of exquisitely tender chicken. Generous heat and pepper flavor from no fewer than four species of chile. Silky gravy loaded with flavor. And a generous application of Hot Hungarian Paprika. This bowl was comfort food perfection.

Dimitri, the owner, explained that they made it two ways this time - spicy and not. Because the genius to this dish isn't in the paprika (which could be added by the diner) so much as the flavors the peppers cooked into it - and you can't add that at the table!

So, if winter shows it's nasty face again in Cleveland - find out when Kalie's will next be featuring the Chicken Paprikash and get yourself a bowl to play with. You will not be disappointed!

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