Saturday, November 7, 2009

Fun Playing with Breakfast at Fresh Start Diner

As we embarked on our New York trip, we breakfasted at Fresh Start Diner in Twinsburg. Both of our first two visits to Fresh Start turned out to be for lunch, specifically burgers. This time, we arrived early enough and in the mood enough to sample breakfast. We were well rewarded!

I noticed the above sign near the entrance - and can confirm that though there were a few service hiccups on our first visit, the last two have been nothing but wonderful. Thank you Ladies!

Corned Beef Hash, two eggs and house-made rye toast

This was the best corned beef hash I've ever tasted - the freshness of all of the ingredients and the freshness and skill of the preparation made for a heavenly breakfast for me.

Leisy’s South of the Border Omelet

Bob's omelet was stuffed with sausage, pepper jack cheese, onions, tomatoes, and salsa. Yum.

The made-to-order homefries were simply outstanding - I think I liked them better than Jim's in Solon, and I am very fond of Jim's.

Open wide

Rye Toast Close Up

Next time, I must tear myself away from the rye and try another of the house-made breads. If I can tear myself away from the rye.

And so, I can now report that Fresh Start Diner provides not only a fun burger, but a most fun breakfast experience, loaded with freshly made, sparklingly good tastes at very fair prices.

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  1. This looks wonderful. What is Jim's in Solon? I must go.

  2. Good rye bread is so hard to find ... I know what you mean when you say you feel you need to try something else. I say, stick to the rye!

  3. @ Bonnie - Jim's Open Kitchen is on Aurora Road, just east of the Solon Shopping Center (Officemax). I've blogged about them several times:

    The daytime grill person has changed since then- the older gentleman took over dinner service when Jim's started that. The food remains good - though I think I like Fresh Start a little better.

    Jim's now also has a website: