Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Fun Playing With Happy Hour Bacon at Fahrenheit, Tremont, Cleveland OH

Yes, you read that correctly - Happy Hour Bacon. Let me explain.

Last night was a busy one! After a full day at the office, home to pick up the husband, than up to Ohio City to pick up an order of grass fed beef and pastured eggs from Aaron Miller of Miller Livestock Co, Inc. Since Aaron was in town for a meeting at 5:30pm, and since our dinner date in Tremont wasn't until 6:30pm, we found ourselves pulling into Tremont with a bit of time to spare. As we turned from Professor Street onto Jefferson, however, we saw our friends (and soon-to-be dining companions) Jan and John crossing the street for a pre-dinner cocktail at Fahrenheit. What a splendid idea!

As I have said many times in this space, Cleveland is blessed with an abundance of wonderful eats and drinks. It would take retirement and an unlimited expense account to get to them all with any regularity. Tremont more and more reminds me of Greenwich Village NYC with its myriad of fabulous eateries at all price points, and fun shops and people. Rocco Whalen's Fahrenheit is a place that we haven't gotten to often enough, but for no other reason than too many places, too little time and money. 

And so, last night we joined our friends for a little Happy Hour goodness - and OMG does Chef Whalen know how to rock the Happy Hour!

I present - the bar snacks:

That would be bacon. Forget the popcorn, pretzels and peanuts folks - this is the real deal for a bar snack (and still salty enough to accomplish its primary purpose)! Yum.

And, as if that wasn't enough, Chef Rocco was kind enough to send a marvelous taste to us to sample. It isn't on the on-line menu yet, but if you visit Fahrenheit, it is worth asking for:

Salad with Fresh Duck, Marcona Almonds and Citrus Dressing 

More yum. And had we not been heading to dinner, we would certainly have availed ourselves of the Happy Hour Menu, which includes the following:

Fahrenheit Happy Hour - Monday through Friday 5-7pm


Vietnamese Chicken Springrolls, Bibb Lettuce, Cucumber Salad,
Hong Kong Dipping Sauce 4

“Double Cheeseburger”, Lettuce, Tomato, Ketchup and Mustard, Toasted Bun 5

Butternut Squash, Goat Cheese, Garlic Spinach Pizza, Finished with Ohio Maple Syrup 6

“Mini Hotdog Platter”, 2 Beef Dogs, Toasted Brioche, Chopped Bacon, Tomato,
Ketchup and Mustard, Battered Onion Rings 7

Crispy Fried Chicken and Waffles, Truffle Honey, Scallions 8


Great Lakes Dortmunder • Newcastle • Jose Cuervo “Blood Orange” Margarita •
Cantina Tollo Pinot Grigio • Red Tree Pinot Noir 3

The chicken and waffles looked oh-so-tempting, but an authentic Thai feast was awaiting us, so we thanked Chef for treating us to the salad, paid for our drinks, and headed across the street.

But I've just gotta shout that Chef Rocco Whalen is a genious to supply bacon as a bar nosh! We need to get back to Fahrenheit for a meal soon. Fun with bacon at Happy Hour - need I say more?


  1. bacon as bar snacks is definite culinary (or, uh, bar) innovation haha

  2. I had no idea that he had such a great happy hour! We're huge fans of Rocco- so it looks like we have a new happy hour spot. Thanks for the post.

    P.S. Bacon at the bar is genius.