Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Fun Playing With Fried Fish in Solon

Ash Wednesday ushers in the Lenten season, which is heartily observed in Northeast Ohio. Heck, even southern Ohio is in on the act; the Filet o' Fish was invented by a Cincinnati area McDonald's franchisee who saw his burger business dry up between Ash Wednesday and Easter Sunday. 

We enjoyed delightful food, music and libations at Grove Hill Restaurant on Fat Tuesday, but for some reason, the day after had me craving fried fish. If I have learned one thing living in Cleveland for over 20 years, it is that well prepared, fresh fish is a hard thing to come by, even during "the season." How happy that Solon's Bar 50/20, under new ownership since September 2016 and soon to be re-branded as "Mish Mosh,"  started their Lenten fish fry tonight. 

For $18 each, Bob and I were each first served a lovely salad topped by an obviously house-made Balsamic Vinaigrette.

Then, three magnificent pieces of crispy battered fried Haddock, accompanied by house-made Coleslaw (which didn't look pretty at first blush, but which had been allowed to age to the perfect flavor point), house made tarter (easy on the pickles, so the fish shone through), and fries.

Our first two visits to Bar 50/20 had been uneven - beautiful burgers and fries the first visit (sans camera) and so-so the same plates a few weeks later. But tonight's fish fry left no doubt - owners Jamie and Howard (Howard also being the Chef) are bringing some fun, together with well sourced and prepared food, to the Solon area. And the patio looks like it will be a lovely place to relax and play with your food come the springtime! But in the meantime - the fish fry will be offered every Friday during Lent.

Bar 50/20
5020 Brainard Rd
Solon, Ohio
(440) 349-7300

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