Wednesday, February 13, 2008

More Fun With Turkish Food at Antalya

Lunch again at Antalya a/k/a Red Square Party Center. My officemates and I still can't understand why this restaurant isn't better attended. The food is fresh and filling, and at $6.50 for a bowl of soup and a full sandwich, it is probably the best lunch bargain in town.

Today, our group of 4 sampled two items that I hadn't yet seen or tasted. First - Bruce got the Chicken Adana, which is ground meat with spices formed into a braid and roasted. I've had it with lamb, and loved it; Bruce was non-committal, but he is the least adventurous of our bunch.

Chicken Adana in Pita with Yogurt-Cucumber Sauce

I went for the Lamb Shish-Ka-Bob:

This sandwich was positively delicious - the lamb was lean, tender and tasty, and the "salsa" further back in the pita was a perfect compliment.

Emil, one of the owners, stopped by to chat with us (actually, he was also taking our order). Red Square has been open as a club for about 3 years, which explains why the outside signage is in two distinct parts, since the Cafe didn't open until last October. They have live music and belly dancing on Saturday nights!

So don't let the dim exterior fool you - culinary delights abound in this modest Mayfield Road storefront.

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  1. Sounds like you had fun and calories in Florida! :-)

    I should never look at your blog before lunch! It always makes me hungry, and for things one can't get in Cleveland!!


    When are we going to dinner again??