Saturday, July 27, 2019

Fun Playing With Fish, Soup, Burgers, and More at Fisher's American Tavern, Solon Ohio

After 5 posts from our winter visit to Florida, it is time to briefly return to the East Side of Cleveland. The American Tavern lived on Miles Road in Solon for many years, and we had stopped visiting years ago because it was so old and tired. It sold once or twice, and changed names, but I heard of no reason to revisit it. Then, in the spring of 2018, Scott and Tami Fisher acquired the property, re-renaming it "American Tavern" but adding their name as well. They scrubbed the place from the bottom up and back down again, and refreshed it without disturbing the pub-like charm. 

Fisher's American Tavern has become a "go to" for us. We especially enjoy the fish specials, though I'd put Scott's Chicken Paprikash up against any in town. Given their very modest price points, the Fishers aren't selling the kind of high end, freshly caught fish featured in the Destin posts. Rather, working with modest food service ingredients combined with mad kitchen skills, a lifetime of experience, and a crackerjack staff, they deliver very tasty and well-prepared food and drinks at very friendly prices, in a space that has regained the feeling of a place where "everyone knows your name." The menu leans heavily on comfort food, but has something for everyone, including a nice salad selection. And they even take reservations (which you will need if you wish to dine on Friday or Saturday night without a wait)!

Chicken Noodle Soup
Fisher's has joined the ranks of so many restaurants starting their "homemade" soups with commercial bases, then adding fresh ingredients. But this one works. While I would never mistake the broth for made-from scratch, I'd happily consume this cup of goodness on a chilly Cleveland day. 

On that first visit, Bob and I each had a version of Annie's Fish and Chips. I had the half plate, plus the above cup of soup, and Bob had the full plate. 

Annie's Fish & Chips Half Plate
Annie's Fish & Chips Full Plate
Both plates begin with good quality frozen haddock filet. They end in crunchy deliciousness after being expertly beer battered and deep fried. Accompanied by a house-made slaw, this is a worthy fish fry available every day the kitchen is open, throughout the year. 

For our next visit, we landlubbered. 

Bob's Mushroom Swiss Burger
Bob's burger was topped with sauteed mushrooms, Swiss, lettuce, tomato and onion. 

Chicken Paprikash, House Made Spaetzle
Bob enjoyed his burger. The Paprikash was nicely cooked, perfectly seasoned, and served over house made Spaetzle. It melted in the mouth. I'm pretty sure that this was the "half" size order, BTW.

Our next dinner happened to be a Monday - Burger Night! $6.99 gets you a half pound Angus burger of your choice from the 8 item burger menu (except the "Tavern" and "Rodeo" burgers, which each have bacon in addition to the burger patty, and carry an upcharge on Burger Night) and one "standard side." Tuesday through Saturday, they will swap out the beef for grilled chicken or a veggie patty no charge; on Burger Night, there is a $1.49 upcharge for the swap. It is a generous deal for $7.

This "Italian Burger" was an off-menu special. The burger wore melty mozzarella, balsamic reduction, arugula and tomato. 

Chili Burger
My burger was topped with house made chili, cheddar cheese, diced onion and Jalapeno. I also sprung for a second side, steamed broccoli. 

Perfectly steamed, with a little toothiness yet, this was not your typical food service bag broccoli (which always tastes a little funky to me). 

We returned on a raw December night. A cheesy broccoli soup was the first order of the day for me!

Walleye Finger Appetizer
The walleye fingers came to the table so hot, crispy and fragrant that we dug in before I took a picture. Again, a naked frozen fish, deftly beer battered and handled, it's on the regular menu for $11.49.

NY Strip Steak Dinner
Bob's steak was cooked to medium as he requested, and served with potato mash and vegetable of the day. He was very happy.

Fisher's offers fish specials every weekend, year round. In the spring, they had several variations on the fish fry, and we were fortunate to get some! I stuck with a half order of the Beer Battered Haddock, but started with  a cup of soup. 

Velvet Chicken Soup
Bob's: Breaded Perch Fish Fry Dinner
Perch is Bob's favorite, and this plate did not disappoint! 

The weekend "fish frenzy" menu also includes a few drink specials available all hours for $6. In addition, they offer Happy Hour Monday-Friday 3:30pm to 6:30pm, with drink specials and half priced appetizers (except the Walleye fingers). Scott and Tami will treat you like family, which is a big reason we have so much fun playing with food at Fisher's! 

Fisher’s American Tavern
28020 Miles Road
Solon, Ohio 44139
(440) 349-3736
Open for lunch at 11am Mon-Fri (Saturday at noon)
Closes 11pm
Closed Sunday