Thursday, March 20, 2008

Fun Playing with Diner Food

Another culinary delight which Cleveland lacks is the Greek Diner - ubiquitous in the NY-NJ-Conn area. As depicted in the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding, the traditional Diner has art deco decor, an outrageous pastry case (usually near the entrance), full liquor, and a huge menu that crosses from American comfort food to huge salads, to Greek specialties, to Italian and Jewish influenced dishes, none of which are perfect, but most of which are usually done very well.

I enjoy the occasional diner experience, so I was glad that we had our last dinner during the NY trip at one. Don't be fooled by the art deco facades - this is a newer diner, only about 2 years old (chosen in part because it is new enough to more easily accommodate my disabled mom):

It certainly evoked the classic diner experience for me! And, BTW, that is Dad in the Cowboy Hat dead center.

Complimentary Pickled Beets

A nice beginning, brought to the table after we were seated.

Chicken Soup w/Matzoh Balls

I tasted Bob's. It was ok - not as good as mine, of course.

Beef Goulash

Not as good as Mom's (lacking green beans, carrots and potatoes), but actually quite delicious. The meat was perfectly cooked and the sauce was mild and tasty. Perhaps owing to the large Jewish population in this area, there was no sour cream. Bob chose well.

Dry Grilled Swiss on Rye

I have no clue why my mom, who needs to gain weight, tells them to cook her grilled cheese dry. Still, she enjoyed this.


Dad - didn't your father, Grandpa Joe (who worked as a waiter all of his adult life) tell you never order the meatloaf? Oh well - he enjoyed it. It wasn't bad - but I like mom's better.

Meatloaf Sides

My dad makes a point of avoiding any side that contains a non-carbed vegetable!

Bison Burger Platter

I passed on an opportunity to have a Bison Burger earlier in the weekend, so I took advantage here (I don't know any restaurants in Cleveland that are serving Bison). It was cooked way past the medium I asked for - but was quite tasty. And how do they get food service fries to taste this good??

We enjoyed the food we played with at the diner.

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