Sunday, March 23, 2008

Fun Playing With Soup at the Happy Buddha Again!

Last Thursday, I had a second opportunity to sample another take on Noodle Soup from The Happy Buddha Cafe in Cleveland Heights Ohio. I can't wait to get here with some friends and eat some other menu items! Since I knew Bob was making meat for dinner, I decided to try the Tofu with Flat Noodle Soup for lunch.

One of the Happy Buddhas at the Front of the House

La Jiang (Chili Sauce) - OMG Spicy!

I was delighted to learn that the "flat noodle" I ordered was not a rice noodle, but one of my absolute favorite wheat noodle styles - the pudgy "Yi Mein."

Now I've added a little La Jiang to the tops of the fresh, creamy tofu squares. It really perks them up!

And - I remembered just in time what Shirley had told me before - they'd happily use Chinese broccoli instead of American on request. And this was perfectly cooked - soft enough to fold and bite through, but not at all mushy or overcooked. Happy Buddha remains my favorite East Side location to play with Chinese Food!


  1. The soup looks beautiful and healthy. Where is this restaurant in CH?

  2. Never mind, clicked on your link. Duh.