Monday, March 3, 2008

The Place Where We Played with Wine & Cheese in FLA

Destin Florida has become one of my favorite places. Whether it is the sugarcane sandy beaches, the February sunshine, or the fresh fish and seafood (I have a feeling it is mostly the latter) - I am drawn there at least once a year.

So, for a change from the usual on this blog - here are some photos from Destin that go beyond the food.

I took these sunset photos from our terrace at the Holiday Inn Destin; we always have sparkling wine and a nibble while watching the sun go down; there is no finer place in the world that I know of to play with one's food:

These next few photos show part of our rented condo and segue into terrace bumming.

That easy chair you can barely see above was one of my favorite spots.

This is the view from our terrace:

Took these three using zoom:

Our only complaint with the condo (besides the lack of anything to keep us from slipping in the bathtub) was the lousy porch furniture. No table at all, and two filthy, very uncomfortable plastic chairs. So we improvised. Here is Bob the Terrace Bum.

These last photos were taken from the back porch of the Sundestin, after we'd checked out.

First - our condo from the outside:

The view looking West (with Zoom):

The view looking East (with Zoom):

The pristine white sand:

And so we bade farewell to Destin for another year.

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