Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Playing with Food From the Freezer

Friday 2/29 was our first day back from Florida. So naturally, it snowed most of the day. Though our fridge was pretty empty, neither of us really wanted to go out in the terrible weather. So, what to fix for dinner?

We had a small bag of those marvelous Grape Tomatoes that we brought back from Florida sitting on the counter.

A quick inventory of the produce drawer yielded half a head of celery cabbage that was in good shape, a large bag of garden carrots, and a bag of mostly bad cilantro. Moving on to the freezer, I realized that we still had a supply of kreplach (Jewish Chicken and Liver Dumplings) left over from Rosh Hashonah last September. I also pulled out a package of thin Chinese egg noodles that had been in the freezer too long, two bags of Turkey Stock we had made in December, and some frozen garden chilies. Add onion and garden garlic from the pantry - and we had a delightful, comforting meal, even though we really didn't have any food in the house.

So after all of the eating out we had done for the past two weeks, we re-discovered the joy of playing with our own food to produce something wonderful.

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