Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Playing with our first meal back in the snowy cold

After our two weeks in the Florida sun, it was a genuine shock to return to the cold snow of Cleveland. And we were returned, as only Northwest Airlines can return you. Our "business jet" taxied to a stop, and parked between two perfectly good, unused jetways. Thus, we had to walk down the steps of the plane and across the icy tarmac to the terminal, then up a flight of stairs. As I took my first tentative steps on the slippery tarmac, I turned to Bob in dismay and stuttered: "Ice. Snow. Cold. Slippery. Ice. . . . "

We finally got into the car a little after 10pm, and as Bob scraped off the ice coating it, I called Bar Cento. I knew that they were having a "Rock and Roll Wine Project" night, and I knew that they served late - but how late. 2AM?? Outstanding!

We drove to Ohio City and found a metered spot right across the street. Extracting myself from the vehicle involved another foray into snow - so I was chilled to the bone as we entered Bar Cento. The chill didn't last long - the music was loud and rocking, the wine and cocktails were flowing, and we sat at the bar close to the pizza oven, which warmed us right up!

When Chef Jonathon says rock and roll - he is not kidding:

Bob sampled a couple of lovely beers, including a Grimbergen Dubbel, a heavy sweet beer that I can't recall, and a stout. All three beers were outstanding. I kept to wine - I started with The Dirty Sanchez – Coto de Hayas Cabernet Savignon temprillo and moved up to The Velvet Sledge Hammer - Aussie Zinfandel, a big, big Zin. Hmmm . . . I got so warm I had to take my outer sweater off!

We started off with the lovely bread service as we pondered the menu. It had been many hours since we'd eaten (Northwest doesn't even give you peanuts), but we'd eaten breakfast and lunch this day. So what was the perfect supper option - pizza!

Marinara with Tomato Sauce, Parmesan, Mozzarella & Provolone

Sunnyside Pizza with Eggs, Pancetta & Lots of Black Pepper

These were mighty fine pizzas - each was spicy, though in a different way - black pepper on the Sunnyside, and red pepper on the Marinara. We found ourselves unable to finish them, and put the leftovers in a box for Friday's breakfast.

Chef Jonathon was wise to insist that we eat some food before getting into his special Horseradish Grappa.

Though the preferred presentation of this libation was as a shooter with oyster - Chef Jonathon understood perfectly that given where we had been the last two weeks, the thought of a Cleveland oyster was just not appealing to us. So, we shot it straight. Uh-hum. It was actually very, very intense and tasty - if you like horseradish (which we do!).

Nutella Macaroons with Almonds, Hazelnut and Chocolate

We finished our meal with these tasty gems. It was about 12:30am when we floated back to the car, happy, warm and well fed, and ready to face whatever Cleveland would next dish out to us. Thank you for a warm welcome home, Chef Jonathon Sawyer and everyone at Bar Cento!

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  1. Welcome back! After seeing that Sunnyside Pizza I know what I'm going to order when I go to Bar Cento. Breakfast and pizza in the same bite. That's a perfect meal.