Monday, June 16, 2008

Fun Playing with Pizza and Lamb at Lolita

Last week was not fun - at least not after root canal on Tuesday. We had hoped to visit Lolita one evening during this week (and we had Indians tickets for Friday night, so that was out). So, it was Thursday when we ventured to Tremont, in search of a marvelous Lamb dish served at Lolita that someone wrote about on the Cleveland Food & Wine Forum.

Joined by one of our favorite dining companions, we arrived at a very busy Lolita and settled in. We started with a "special" pizza - topped simply with a little olive oil, cheese, herbs - and soft-shell crab. Yum.

For appetizer, we shared the delectable lamb dish we had been seeking: Jamison Farms Lamb Ribs with Orange, Fennel and Parsley. It was bone-licking good, though my photos did not do it justice.

We then each ordered a main.

Sauteed Walleye over Cauliflower Puree Topped with Local Spinach

This was the "fish of the day" and is served with the diner's choice of side.

Roasted Potatoes - Rosemary & Garlic

Thank you for the tasting plate Edsel!

Hanger Steak, Chickpeas, Skordalia, Pickled Chilies

Lucky me - my hubby shared too!

Soft Polenta - Mascarpone & Parmesan

The polenta is always so good!

Pappardelle - Jamison Farm Lamb, English Peas, Mint, Olives, Feta

I love the way Chef Matt keeps changing up the Pappardelle offering, since it is one of my favorite types of pasta. This was rich and satisfying, with a healthy injection of spring!

It is a rare day that we order dessert - but since Edsel wanted the Lemon Semifredo with Basil Syrup, I talked Bob into splitting Cory Barrett's house-made Great Lakes Edmund Fitzgerald Porter Gelato with Pretzels. The photo doesn't do it justice - but even with my cold-sensitive teeth - I loved it!

Another great meal at Lolita - each meal we enjoy there only makes us want to go back again ASAP!

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