Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Fun Playing with Egg Cream

One of the tastiest pleasures in life is a well constructed Egg Cream. This drink, a staple since my childhood, is somewhat misnamed, as it contains neither egg nor cream. I finally photographed the process last weekend. Though these aren't the best photos - I'm thirsty for one right now after reading about an Iced Chocolate drink on Heights Eats, so what the heck, here it is:

Begin with Seltzer or Club Soda (preferably filtered and sodium-free, like the Cotton Club pictured here, and preferably an unopened bottle), U-Bet's Chocolate Syrup (in the generic squeeze bottle - I'm still finishing my last glass bottle of the stuff - it is pictured at the Egg Cream link above in the squeeze bottle in which it is now sold) and milk. Higher fat content in the milk will yield a creamier egg cream, but due to health concerns, I usually stick to 1% milk these days. And try to buy only Kosher for Passover chocolate syrup, which will contain sugar rather than high fructose corn syrup. You will also need a tall glass and a long spoon.

Begin by making a half glass of chocolate milk.

Mix the chocolate into the milk with the long spoon.

I usually taste it at the point to ensure that the chocolate-milk ratio is good. Then, gently add seltzer, but leave some room at the top of the glass.

Now, stir the seltzer into the chocolate milk mixture with that long spoon.

Your drink will now be topped with a layer of foamy goodness. Tilt, tipple and enjoy this bit of New York-Jewish Soul Food!


  1. A slight variation on how I learned it, but regardless, god (or g-d, I should say) bless you.

  2. Except of the 1%. That, of course (and which you are well aware), is blasphemy.

  3. Yes - 1% isn't the best choice. Neither is regular bottled seltzer - the best choice is a siphon bottle that ensures full carbonation. But, gotta play with the toys I have!

  4. I never had an egg cream...sounds good.