Saturday, July 19, 2008

Fun Playing with Food at the Farmers' Market

I began my day today determined to get back to the Geauga Fresh Farmers Market. We had visited earlier this year, on a "preview" day, and there were only a few vendors. When I rolled in this morning, the joint was jumping!

These terrific musicians sure helped to create a festive and welcoming atmosphere.

The following are in no particular order. Also, I note that some of the vendors really need to think a little more about marketing - after all, this is a business and the goal is to sell what you have so you can make money. So - invest in at least one professionally made, large sign so we know who you are, and have some business cards or flyers, so we know where to find you! Some of the tables are unidentified in my photos because there wasn't a good sign. This is better:

Black Beans and Green Tomatoes

I bought some of the beans. They had green beans, also, when I arrived, but sold out by the time I was ready to purchase - a word to the wise about shopping at a farmers' market - dally not in deciding what you want!

I bought two varieties of garlic.

Courtney of Herbthyme Proudly Shows Off Her Wares

Courtney says that by next week, she's have home-made jams for sale. Yum!

I bought a pint of Blue Jay's blueberries.

Sweet, purplely jewels of goodness!

Samples of Spicy Lamb Smokies

Ok, I'm sold. What's for dinner?

Should make amazing Koftas!

Lambswool Blanket

This farm lets nothing go to waste.

brought fresh-ground peanut butter in addition to their veggies.

Looked delicious. Visit them on the web here.

Salsa and Tomato Sauces from Luciano's Ristorante

This is a truly sad story. I met Luciano for the first time today - a sweet, gentle man probably in his 60s. When I asked him for a card or a menu, so I could try his restaurant, he said that he had none - his wife had been "in charge" of such things, and she had recently passed away. One of the vendors told me his wife died July 5, of ovarian cancer. I truly felt for this man - I hope he will be ok.

The last two slices of Luciano's pizza are sold

The Sassy Italian also sells "Italian Coffee" for consumption at the market. Since I don't drink coffee, I did not learn what this is.

Ok - some people grow things that you can't eat.

I bought some of the peaches from this stand - didn't realize until I got them home that they aren't ripe yet. But they smell heavenly, even though they are hard.

These are some of the most amazing berries I've ever tasted - just on the edge of overripe - loaded with sweetness - well, the photos say it better than my words can:

This stand did so well, it was sold out before I even arrived at the market. They sell organic clothing as well.

Of course, Brandon Smith, the next generation of Wayne Cattle Company, had his meat in cold storage. Here's an example:

Mackenzie has become my favorite goat cheese

Paper Mache Mascot

After a few tastes, I settled on the Sweet Fire - which has a touch of habanero pepper in it - to stuff our squash blossoms with.

I feel lucky to have this marvelous market so close to my home. Though we are not locovores by any means, we do prefer to eat foods that are produced locally using sustainable methods.

So - what did I do when I got home from the market? That will be the next post.


  1. We were there before you guys. We got the kids a piece of pepperoni pizza and there was plenty there. That is very sad about his wife. There was a large chocolate lab across from him that Reagan liked until he got up in her face. Not so much then.
    We got peaches, English peas, garlic, focaccia bread, candied nuts, and cukes.

  2. Great post and pictures! It was like a virtual tour of the market. Those raspberries look amazing - I bet they would make an awesome raspberry sorbet.