Tuesday, July 22, 2008

More Fun Playing With Grass Fed Beef

Last night, we had our first taste of the hamburger patties we got from Brandon Smith of Wayne Cattle Company. They were fantastic! And good for you - grass fed beef is low in fat and saturated fat, but has a great beefy flavor.

The quarter pound burgers were a little thin, so they cooked very fast. We seasoned them with salt, pepper, and some of Emeril's "Baby Bam" hamburger spice and Bob grilled them on the Weber. Placed upon fresh buns from The Mustard Seed Market, with large slices of beautiful tomato and onions - it made a special dinner.

Instead of the traditional fries - I took my second shot at making stuffed squash blossoms, finishing off the Mackenzie Creamery cheese. I kept better control of the fry oil temperature (I had let it cool down too much the first time I made them) and the results were fabulous.

We had fun playing with Brandon's grass fed burgers!

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