Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Fun Playing With Garden Bounty

When last we peeked at hubby Bob toiling in the garden, he was on his knees weeding as if the garden depended on it (and it did, too). Since then, the garden has come into its glory.

Since I've spent an inordinate amount of time showing off our meat meals lately, it seems that a post on the 2/3 of the plate given to plants is way overdue. When last we visited the garden, it was mid-July, and things looked like this:

Basil Thriving Around the Young Tomato Plants

First Planting of Corn is Taking Shape

Green Bean Plants are Growing

A Lone Garlic Scape Escapes The Pan

Horseradish Thrives

Cherry Tomatoes are Coming In

And Bob finally recognizes the value in this plant - because the fruit is smaller - it comes in and ripens faster!

Chile Peppers

The Big Boys - Mostly Heirloom Tomatoes - Are Also Coming In

Bob Weeds - As He Did For Most of July

Bob claims that the only way to get Yellow Nut Sedge out of the garden is to pull it out by hand.

And now - through the magic of technology - fast forward to August 2008. We are finally getting edibles to join the meat on our salad and dinner plates! And whatever isn't ready in the garden is readily available at the farmers' market or Heinen's or Mustard Seed.

The "Planned" Winter Squash (or should I say "Plannted"?)

Ripe Cherry/Grape Tomatoes Are Coming Ready

Tomatoes Overlook the Maturing Corn

Tomatoes! (And Thai Basil to the right)

More Tomatoes!

Chile Peppers and Eggplant

Green Beans

More Chiles - Hot Hungarians!

Corn is Ready for Eating!

The Chinese Garlic Chive Patch

Darn - these morsels didn't appear until the end of July - but with my fall in Chicago - a lot of them have bolted and gone to seed. But if you look closely, there are still some tender chives out there!

More Basil

Ok - know what you're really waiting for: what have we been eating with all the meat I've been posting about lately?

First Edible Ears of Corn

Dinner Fork Inserted for Size Perspective

Kernel Divot: Proof that this corn was grown organically (yes, a corn worm was nibbling)

"Volunteer" Zucchini

Bob and I are not big fans of this vegetable, so we don't grow it. But when Bob cleared out the volunteer winter squash, he found this behemoth buried in the patch. That is a full size dinner plate under the beast, for perspective. Despite its size, it tastes as good as . . . zucchini tastes.


The green ones fell off of the plants, so Bob brought them in. The yellow ones are a Russian heirloom we are very fond of - Azoychka. Yum. Bring on the locally grown salad greens!

We've been starting each meat meal with a big bowl of salad, and then filling 2/3 of the dinner plate with vegetables. We've gotten off bottled salad dressing in favor of a simple vinaigrette I made right before I lost my right arm. So - we are playing with Food. Not too much. Mostly plants. And praise be to gardening season!


  1. It looks like plenty of love and backwork went into your abundant garden. The corn looks perfect.

  2. Lots of both - but all the backwork came from Bob - it's his toy and he won't let me near it.