Sunday, October 19, 2008

Fun Playing (One-Handed) With Holiday Food and Good Friends

Sorry I haven't been blogging much lately - lots of time devoted to PT and rehabbing my shoulder. I've got a backlog of photos to share!

When last we left our intrepid food lover, she had just survived catering a weekend party for 65 people one-handed, with the help of some very special people. As the calendar would have it, Rosh Hashonah was scheduled to begin the next day, Monday September 29, at sundown. What to do?

As it happened, my good friend Linda, who has recently been through some tsorres (troubles) of her own, had neither the energy nor the desire to deal with her usual family holiday celebration. Together, we concocted the perfect plan - she'd bring some ingredients to my house on Monday morning, and we'd prepare our holiday meal together in my more spacious kitchen, then we'd enjoy a quiet New Year celebration with just our two couples the first night, and another friend in addition the second night.

I wasn't very camera-able at this point, so most of the photos are courtesy of our dear friend Edsel, who was the "other friend" the second night!

I did take photos of our beautiful soup pot - filled with lovely vegetables, and one pullet from Linda's freezer (which had started life at the Breychak Blue Egg Farm) and one pullet from the one and only Mister Brisket. Together with a few Blue Egg chicken feet, it was going to be something special:

Linda made the Maztoh Balls, using the recipe from her book, Onions, Onions, Onions. This is not the way I make them - she adds onion, schmaltz (chicken fat) and seltzer to the basic egg and matzoh meal batter - and she doesn't separate her eggs. I was game to try something different!

Linda's Matzoh Balls Cooking

The Festive Holiday Table

Sliced apples and Ohio Honey honey are first, together with Challah from On the Rise Bakery. Also, sliced hot peppers from the garden.

Gefilte Fish and Garden Horseradish

Thanks to Mister Brisket for providing the delicious raw fish mixture!

Garden Tomato Salad

This was surprisingly tasty with the addition of Thai Basil (I thought Bob was nuts when he told me that was how he was making it).

Chicken Soup, Matzoh Ball, Carrots, Noodles

Linda's Citrus-Braised Brisket

Linda did the brisket at her place over the weekend - a gorgeous hunk of grass-fed meat from Miller Livestock. She used a combination of North African spices and citrus for an interesting and tasty spin on the traditional holiday brisket.

Bob's Potato Kugel

Delicious, as always.

We were too stuffed both nights to cut up the garden melons we'd been gifted with, so no dessert (well - we did kinda dig into the leftover Chocolate Covered Bacon with Almonds the second night - but don't tell, since that wouldn't be kosher).

Since there was lots of soup left, we froze some, and I made another batch of Matzoh Balls for Yom Kippur the following weekend. It was sublime!

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