Thursday, December 25, 2008

More Fun Playing With Hanukkah Food

Yes, tis the season. The Jewish holiday managed to come "right on time" this year (the Borscht Belt Comics noted that Jewish Holidays, plotted on a different calendar, were inevitably early or late, but never "on time"). I'm a little late with this, due in part to a mild disagreement with my husband concerning the proper potato needed to make a good latke. We had some Yukon Golds in the house, but I practically wailed when I saw that Bob intended to use them to make our latkes. Even worse, he'd bought a bag of red potatoes to take over once the golds ran out. I put an immediate stop to that by insisting on russets.

So, it took an extra day to get latkes worthy of photographing. Even Bob had to admit that the Yukon Gold Latkes "lacked profundity."

Our tutorial on Latke making is here.

Here are this year's [good] results:

We paired our latkes with the second installment of the Breychak Turkey Beast, which has been in repose in the freezer since just before Thanksgiving. For some reason, the gravy Bob made just screamed "curry" to me, so we added some curry powder from Heather's Heat & Flavor. And a mashed melange of home-grown Acorn Squash and sweet potato. Yum.

Of course the latkes, served with a meat meal, are served with apple sauce.

After enjoying this amazing dinner, my appetite was whet to enjoy the leftover latkes for breakfast. Here they are, served with sliced apples from the local orchard Howard's Apples, sour cream, and a glass of lovely un-homogenized, organic-style milk from Snowville Creamery, a new face at Solon's Mustard Seed Market.

A happy December holiday to all who celebrate! And make sure that you play with some food!

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