Monday, February 2, 2009

Fun Playing With Lasagna Before and During the Superbowl

Superbowl Sunday is a top day for playing with food throughout the United States. Our Superbowl Sunday was no exception. A sure fire choice to be decadent and delicious, but no fuss during the game, is lasagna. Assemble during the day and pop in the oven before the game starts - and you have a hot, comforting dinner by halftime (or in our case, shortly thereafter). Inspired by a couple of friends' posts on Facebook, Bob decided to make a loaf of fresh Italian Bread.

I began in the afternoon by browning some beautiful ground grass-fed beef from Sand Farm LLC. As an aside, as many of you may know, Emma and Brandon (and little Zoe) lost their home and most of their possessions on Christmas Day. Contact Slow Food Ohio if you have anything you can donate to help them out.

Beef Sautees in Olive Oil

Onion, Carrot and Garden Chile Pepper From the Freezer Are Added

Salt and pepper also. I loosely followed Emeril Lagasse's Lasagna recipe. The sauce is liquid enough to cook the dried lasagna noodles perfectly and still have the right sauce consistency.

Garlic Joins the Party

Garden Tomato - Skinned, Seeded, De-Watered and Concentrated

Unfortunately, Bob only prepped about half the amount of tomato I needed, so I also added a can of crushed tomato. Also - about a quart of mixed stock that Bob recently made (turkey, beef, lamb, chicken bones) with a small can of tomato paste whisked in.

Meat Sauce - A Beautiful Thing

I got so caught up in putting together first the cheese mixture, then the lasagna, that I forgot to photograph. Micelli's Ricotta and Mozzerella joined together with 2 Aaron Miller eggs, lots of Romano and Parmesan cheeses, freshly grated nutmeg, salt and pepper and a little milk. This was layered upon the dry pasta sheets, then covered with sauce (except for one layer, which I kept straight cheese).

Ready for the Oven and I haven't Missed a Play or Commercial

Around halftime, Bob dished up some salad and a slice of his beautiful bread:

And then - the lasagna - and we barely had to take our eyes off the TV to serve it!

Here's a shot of it after it cooled - alas, I still failed to really capture the cheesiness - oh the horror!

I hope you had fun playing with your Super Bowl food, too. Oh - who did I root for? Well . . . I live in Cleveland - 'nuff said?

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  1. The lasagna looks great! I finally made it to Wonton Gourmet last night! I actually took notes from your blog post on what to get, ha ha. We got the turnip cake, chive pot stickers and chive pancakes for apps. We tried to order the chinese donut with rice noodle but I didn't realize it was only available before 3pm, opps! I got jade tofu with pork and my bf got pepper steak. Everything was amazingly good! I now understand what you mean by delicate sauce (the sauce on my tofu). Thanks for writing such a great blog!