Wednesday, March 11, 2009

More Fun Playing With Sushi at Pacific East Eton

Inspired by a Facebook post by Cleveland Foodie this afternoon - I had an almost insatiable craving around lunch time for sushi from Pacific East. I was finally able to persuade some office-mates to join me, and down Richmond Road we went!

Miso Soup


Bento Box

I had to snap fast because Jamie wanted to start eating! His lunch included Soup and Salad (all the lunches come with it), Beef Negimaki (broiled thinly sliced beef rolled w. scallion), California Roll upgraded to a Spicy Tuna Roll ($1 upcharge), and a potato-based side dish.

Sushi Lunch

Anna and James opted for the same: chef's choice of 4 Nigiri, California Roll upgraded to a Spicy Tuna Roll ($1 upcharge). It looked delicious.

However, if I do say so myself, I think that I chose best:


My photos do not do this plate justice! Assorted fish were arranged over a mound of sushi rice, sprinkled with bonito flakes, seaweed flakes, fish powder, fish roe and accompanied by Japanese pickles.

There wasn't an off smell or flavor on this plate - even the mackerel was palatable (I usually find it too strong). The pickles were fresh and delicious (the ones I tasted - the cucumber ones remained). I've noticed that I always like Pacific East's Roe - which usually tastes like pebbles to me. All of the flavors and textures balanced.

All of the fish was so fresh, so perfectly sliced, and so good tasting, as was the expertly prepared sushi rice. I feel insanely happy and sated right now - some sort of raw fish euphoria! My companions enjoyed themselves at lunch - but I had fun - nay, delight - playing with my Chirashi at Pacific East Eton today!


  1. Gotta find a similar place in Charlotte, NC.

  2. I know all about "raw fish euphoria" Nancy. It's cool, but don't try to ramp up the experience with ecstasy or purple haze or anything that might lead to anarchic thinking.

    We need to be cool right now.

  3. Bob - I don't think you've experienced the added joy of living in the ocean-deprived Midwest - fish euphoria is proportional to the amount of really bad fish and seafood products we have to put up with here, and is enhanced by spending 9 days in the Gulf of Mexico eating the good stuff!

    Believe me - no additional additives are necessary when the fish is this good! Pacific East rocks!