Sunday, April 19, 2009

Final Fun Playing with Passover Food 2009

And so, at Sundown last Thursday, Passover passed. It was a week of fun eats; I consume many of these treats but this one time per year. And so - a few more Passover goodies:

Matzo Brei - "Pancake" style:

The inimitable, and now extinct "secret ingredient."


Cream Cheese (Has to Be Temp-Tee) and Cherry Jam on Matzoh Sandwich

Instead of buying the processed "Kosher for Passover" jelly this year, I used Herb Thyme's locally made product (which doesn't contain any chometz, or leavened no-no's). The jam soaks into the matzoh by the time I get to eat my sandwich - the texture and taste bring back my childhood every time! Even if Breakstone (maker of Temp-Tee) is now part of Kraft.

I did not buy any canned macaroons or packaged desserts this year. Most of our desserts came from Davis Bakery.

These incredible macaroons came from Chef Bennett Davis at Appetite.

KP Muenster Cheese Melted on Matzoh

The Only Processed/Packaged KP Item I bought this year

I've loved these puffy cookies since I was a kid!

And then, Friday morning, when Passover was over - that first sweet taste!

"Half & Half" Bagel with Cream Cheese Lox Spread from D&R Bagels

D&R is located on Aurora Road in Solon, and their bagels are almost as good as the ones I grew up with in NY.

As these last photos demonstrate - Passover is definitely OVER for 2009. Hope you all had fun playing with your spring holiday foods of choice!


  1. Temp-tee and matzo brei--the memories. I consumed more egg creams this passover than any time in my recent history. Sadly, w/o u-bet. Hope the insides are okay. Mine never are during the holiday.

  2. Hi - I got to your site from a link on another one. Do you need a recipe for pareve schmaltz? We used to make it in South Africa.

  3. @Denise - I would love a recipe for pareve schmaltz - we're on our own once the Nyafat stash I have runs out.

  4. Hi - I have not made it myself but my MIL and countless others used to make it. It it not that healthy either but nowadays of course you can get healthier products to substitute for the white solid fat they used to use!
    Dissolve 500 g (1 lb.) shortening into 750 ml (3 cups) mild tasting veg. oil e.g. sunflower, not olive. Add two cups sliced onions and 2 cups grated carrots.
    Allow to boil slowly until onions begin to brown and soften. Remove from heat, season with salt and pepper and strain. Keep in jars in fridge. Lasts indefinitely (or so they said in the days when food safety was not top of mind!).