Monday, May 25, 2009

Fun Playing With Howards Apples (and other good stuff from their market)

Saturday marked my first 2009 venture to the Geauga Farmers' Market. I had heard talk of fabulous asparagus, and hoped to procure some. However, it was not to be. Spring produce is still fleeting, and I was too late to score what I was looking for. One very positive development I noted at the market on Saturday, however, was that there were no fewer than 3 or 4 vendors offering farm eggs. That was a huge void in last year's market that seems to now be filled.

As I trundled back towards home on Route 306, it suddenly occurred to me to take a left at Bainbridge Road and see if Howards Apples Farm Market [sic] had yet opened for 2009. I was greeted with a delightful affirmative. The farm doesn't list a street address or website in their brochure, but the phone # is 440-543-7587. This is a small, family owned farm, located 2.5 miles east of State Route 306 on Bainbridge Road or .5 miles west of East Washington Street on Bainbridge Road.

I made a beeline for the asparagus! Young, tender and grown on the premises. We'll be eating it tomorrow! The market had other goodies, too- Matsu apples (from the 2008 harvest, cold-stored) and first-of-the-season tomatoes, sourced from a southern Ohio farm. Heaven!

(This is a Matsu apple - they also have Fuji, but this is what I bought.)

Simply fabulous (well, I don't know about the asparagus yet, but every sense except taste is telling me fabulous!).

In addition to enjoying the tomatoes on salad, the tomatoes added a fabulous punctuation to my breakfast today. The primary ingredients were a simple Salmon Salad (leftover Alaskan salmon , including some caramelized red onions and parsley, mashed with mayo), Bob's Whole Wheat Bread, and sliced tomato:

And we had one more meal of salmon for dinner tonight - and I couldn't quite finish mine, so I guess I get to keep playing with salmon for breakfast again tomorrow!


  1. Nancy those pictures you posted today and your lovely words made me cry. Y'all have such a way to please the senses!!! I want to come live and travel with y'all! LOL

    Wish I could send you a Key Lime Pie.


  2. Thank you Kat! Hope by the time we return to SOWAL, you've started your next yummy venture.