Saturday, May 23, 2009

More Fun Playing with Alaskan Salmon from Mister Brisket

I had not intended to again blog about Mister Brisket's Alaskan salmon this year, since I just did. But the dinner I just enjoyed was so amazing, I must tell you about it one more time.

I am an intensely fussy fish eater. I only eat salmon when it is in season, which the last couple of years in Cleveland has meant Alaskan Salmon season. Since I only prepare it at this time of year, my technique had slipped. Tonight, I reviewed last year's blog entry to ensure that I did it perfectly. And perfect it was.

According to the email, this was again Taku River salmon. But Mister Brisket, who was leaving as I was buying, said everyone was getting Copper River Salmon. Now, things are a little feblunged (mixed up) at Mister Brisket, since the sudden and unfortunate loss of Sanford's mom last week, so I wasn't worried about it. We were charged the lower Taku River price, and the product was simply fabulous - which is why I'm writing about it again so soon.

This time, I caramelized the onions correctly, and used the cast iron and the oven to obtain perfect results:

The meal was competed by Brown Texmati Rice and Green Beans/Carrots with Indonesian Spices. All of the flavors and textures worked perfectly, and the crispy salmon skin was simply sublime. Bravo, Mister Brisket. We had a lot of fun playing with this dinner tonight!

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  1. My mouth is just watering looking at your pictures, Nancy! Sounds like you and Bob had a real treat.