Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Fun Playing with Bread and Burgers at Fresh Start Diner

Early in June, I wrote about our drive to New York, and how I had hoped to begin our day eating at a diner I'd heard did a great breakfast and lunch in Twinsburg. Turned out I didn't know the name or exact location of the place, so we ate at Brewsters.

Since our departure to Pittsburgh a few weeks ago would take us in the same direction to access the freeway, I made it my business to get the name and location of the diner: Fresh Start. Tucked into a nondescript strip at 9810 Ravenna Road, Twinsburg, this tidy place beckoned. As so often happens, it was somewhere between breakfast and lunch times when we actually pulled into the place, so we both wound up ordering different permutations of the burger.

House Made Rye Bread for Retail Sale

The menu touted the house-made rye - I was determined to try it. Bob, as he often does, ordered the basic burger:

Knock-out Hamburger
"About an 8 ounce mix of ground sirloin, chuck, and steak trimmings, hand pattied (with gloves) fresh each day, on a great bun, or any of our breads."

As all of the sandwiches, the burger came with Fresh Start Fries and a dill pickle spear, as well as tomato, lettuce, raw onion on request.

I went for the Patty Melt - I was sold by the menu description: "Real rye grilled is what makes it great" - looked good to me!

Not only did I get the house made rye (which I realize reading the menu now I could have had with the house burger) but I got the pictured caramelized onions, which were simply fabulous. The bread was not grilled, however, I didn't miss that at all - I adore freshly made bread and prefer that it not be toasted if it is that fresh.

The fries were also wonderful - obviously house made, simple potato slices cooked then fried to perfection.


The only negative to our visit was the service - though the diner wasn't crowded at all, we definitely got the feeling that we were imposing on the two ladies working the FOH. We had to ask for everything, and no one came to check on our meals (I really wanted a sharp knife, and it took a while to get one). This was a shame, because Fresh Start had such a wonderful "Mom & Pop" feel to it.

The service may not have been perfect, but any place that makes a burger that looks this good and tastes as good as this is ok in my book! We look forward to trying Fresh Start again soon - we certainly had fun playing with the food there.


  1. Did you know Nancy, they have also opened a location in Chargin Falls too! We got the same feeling from them when we went. We went right at the end of a breakfast time, during winter break.

  2. OK, so I just found your blog and this comment comes a while after the actual post. But, the hubster and I usually enjoy our visits to Fresh Start although I have to echo the issues with the service.