Saturday, August 22, 2009

No Fun Playing with Fiery Irony

Sorry to be missing in action for so long. Bob and I returned from a visit to NY on Monday - but I've still been a little out of the loop. Seems that even with taking non-prescription proton pump inhibitors for years (after a year or two on Protonix, switched to OTC Prilosec) - acid reflux can still sneak up and bushwhack you - and that is what happened to me on the second day of this trip. And since arriving home, it took two doctors, several procedures, and several days to figure it out (no sign of acid on the endoscopy - go figure).

So - despite the wonderful food opportunities of the past two weeks - I've had a burn in my windpipe that's made it hard to be enthusiastic about playing with food - kind of ironic to have these many culinary riches and no desire to play with them. But I did manage to enjoy, and to photograph, some great stuff - so I'll do my best to report on it. Just take the next few posts with a proverbial capsule of Nexium. I sure am - and I do hope it kicks in soon!

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  1. sorry to hear that Nancy. Hope you feel better soon and can enjoy playing again with your food.