Saturday, September 12, 2009

NY Roadtrip Postscript-Fun Playing with Freezer

When last I posted (some two weeks ago), I promised a posting on our Sichuan dinner in New Jersey during our August trip to NY. Since so much time has passed, however, and so many new photos are accumulating, I'm going to hold the Chengdu 1 photos for now.

Our reason for driving to NY the last two trips was to secure a full sized, frost-free freezer from the basement of my parents' house. They acquired the freezer sometime around 1974, to hold the food for my sister's backyard Bat Mitzvah party. My mom anticipated additional entertaining when she bought the freezer. However, so far as I know, it was only used one more time, for my Bat Mitzvah party three years later. Mom got sick with MS and stopped entertaining, and the freezer sat empty, unused, and unloved in the basement, though in perfect condition.

I've wanted it for years - and this summer, we made it a reality.

It took two trips to get the whole thing back to Cleveland in my Ford Edge - first the body, then the door.

But it was well worth it - especially with half a Breychak Berkshire Hog and half a Breychak Dorper Lamb due in shortly!

Half a hog (or most of it; we've eaten some bacon and sausage so far).

And cleaned garden tomatoes on top - for winter sauce and chili making.

Thanks Mom and Dad - without this freezer, we wouldn't be having this much fun with our wonderful locally raised meats!


  1. Aren't you Jewish? Why do you eat pork?

  2. @Peas - yes I am Jewish. And I have been eating pork since I was a kid. Go figure.

  3. I don't blame you at's so hard to resist a good pork belly!! YUMMY!