Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Even More Fun Playing With Burgers etc. at Michael Symon's B Spot

The above image, I hope, conveys why I am writing about B Spot for the third time in a little over a month. Since B Spot is so convenient to my office, it has become my new "go to" lunch spot! And I have yet to eat a bad morsel of food or to experience anything less than stellar service there. And so - the latest goodies sampled:

Sriracha Wings

We enjoyed these spicy treats on Bob's birthday. These wings are probably the spiciest item on the B Spot menu - but there is flavor and texture in addition to the heat. Though the skin is crispy, is it not at all greasy.

Chili Cheese Fries - scallions, cheddar


The chili is very tasty, with a lot of seasoning and a very modest chile bite. The portion is enough appetizer/side for 3-4 people. After sharing it with my dining companion, the leftovers made a complete lunch for me the next day!

I remain addicted to the B Spot onion rings - they actually stay together when you bite into them!

Onion Ring Cross Section

And you haven't had too many bourbons - there was an extra strip of onion ring across the middle of this one - but it cut so nicely and showed the inside of the ring so well, I decided to use the photo anyway.

Lime & Cilantro Wings


The perfume and taste of fresh garlic complimented the gently Southeast Asian flavors of these wings. The incredibly moist, tender chicken meat inside contrasted beautifully with the crispy-crunchy skin.  I can't wait to try the third wing variety (roasted garlic & parm).

And now - the burgers:

Bacon Cheeseburger lettuce, tomato, onion, bacon, cheddar cheese

Bob's birthday dinner - and he loved it! Here's one of the same flavor that I enjoyed for lunch:

I am becoming more enamored of this bun the more I eat it. As I understand it, it is custom made for B Spot by Cleveland's Orlando Baking Company. It is lightly toasted, and stands up well to most of the burger toppings (lets face it, some of them are going to make any bread mushy - hello, cole slaw). The bun is a fine supporting cast member, holding its own, but allowing the burger to remain the star of the sandwich.

Going back to Bob's birthday dinner - I opted for the Thin Lizzy, sans pickles.

Thin Lizzy burger with caramelized onions, cheddar, mayo, hold the pickles

Note that the meat was cooked to a perfect medium-rare. Loved the caramelized onions! Here is a dining companion's Thin Lizzy with the pickles, but without the mayo:


Red Hot burger with pulled pork, pickled tomato, hot peppers, pepperjack cheese, sriracha mayo 



This is one of only two burgers on the menu that is intended to be spicy, and it is modest on the heat scale. But that's fine with me - there are lots of incendiary options available on the pickle bar and the condiment rack for the ultra-spice heads among us - IMHO, too much fire would drown out that lovely meat. I found the heat level just right, so I could get a Scoville tingle, but still appreciate the flavors of the pulled pork and medium-rare beef.

Today's burger was the Fat Doug:

Fat Doug burger with coleslaw, pastrami, swiss, mustard 



Though I was craving the cole slaw (which I'd sampled on my first visit, atop the Symon Says burger), and I was intrigued to taste the pastrami, I had my doubts about ordering this. I'm not usually a big fan of Swiss Cheese, and I usually despise mustard on a hamburger (though I'd normally put mustard on pastrami). I couldn't see changing or leaving off the cheese, or taking off the mustard, though - I wanted to taste Michael Symon's vision of this sandwich without messing with it. So, I took my chances. I was rewarded.

I just love it when a chef takes an ingredient I usually don't care for and makes it yummy. The Swiss cheese definitely imparted a more noticeable flavor twang than another cheese might have - but it combined nicely with the creamy cole slaw and the zippy pastrami and it wasn't overly strong. The pastrami tasted wonderful, and added some smooth mouth feel to the sandwich - and the mustard did indeed compliment it. A dab of Lola Ketchup on the underside of the burger - and dang if it didn't all work together just nicely for me. It was the kind of food that makes me go "uhmmmmmmm" - and I like that.

And so, the third B Spot post comes to an end. Thank you for indulging me. My dining companion today liked his brat better than his burger, so the praise for B Spot is certainly not universal. But I'll be back, and I'll be packing (the camera) until I've played my way through at least most of the menu (you can click here if you want to see someone crazier than I (just kidding Dave!) cooking his way through Michael Symon's entire cookbook, Live to Cook; I'm just  hoping to eat my way through the B Spot menu). So far, to my palate, it's all been fun.

May the New Year bring you wonderful food to play with!


  1. I want some of those onion rings NOW.

  2. Thanks for the blog link Nancy. You are not the first person to call me crazy. :)

    I was recently contacted by Orlando about reviewing some of their products so I am looking forward to that. I was pleasantly surprised to learn they don't use HFCS in any of their products.

    Hope you have something fun planned for New Year's. We'll be at a wedding at the Marriott over on your side of town.