Monday, March 15, 2010

Fun Playing with Food From The BEST Cleveland Chefs Cooking to Bring Jewel Home From China

One week from today, a veritable pantheon of Cleveland chef talent will come together at the Cleveland Sight Center, 1909 East 101st Street (Corner of Chester Ave.), Cleveland, OH 44106, for a Jewel of a cause. Cleveland-area Chef Jeffrey J. Jarrett and his wife Tammy are hoping to bring Yang Cheng Bing, who they will re-name Jewel, to the United States and their loving home from a Chinese orphanage. Jewel will be their second adopted, special needs child from China.

As Tammy explains on the event website, Jewel "was born February 14, 2009 in Fujian Province China. She was born without eyes/blind and was abandoned by her family when she was just a month old. She is now living in an orphanage. We let our Adoption Agency know that we were possibly interested in adopting her and they pretty much told us that we didn’t need to rush because chances were that if we didn’t adopt her, she wouldn’t be adopted at all." The cost of this adoption process is steep - $20,000-$25,000, but the human cost of leaving Jewel languishing in an orphanage is beyond money.

And so, on Monday, these Chefs will be giving their time, food and talent to lure us to donate $25 (or more) towards the cause.

Matt Baber– Naya Bistro and Lounge: Highland Heights
Dante Boccuzzi– Dante: Tremont
Lanny Chin– Naya Bistro and Lounge: Highland Heights
Mark Cleland– North End: Hudson
Zack Conover– The Leopard: Aurora
Ellis Cooley– Amp150 : Marriott Cleveland Hopkins
Brian Doyle-World's Fare Culinary/Danny's Organic Marketplace
William Fugitt-Private Chef: Columbus
Aaron Guzik– L’Albatros: Cleveland
Heather Haviland-Lucky's Cafe/Vine and Bean:Cleveland
Jeff Jarrett– North End: Hudson
Jeremy Lisy-KJ Greens
Jonathan Sawyer-The Greenhouse Tavern: Cleveland
Matt Mathlage– Light Bistro: Ohio City
Matt Mytro– Stove Monkeys: Cleveland
Mike Nowak- Bar Cento: Ohio City
Stacey Stoudemire- Simply Elegant Catering
Wendy Thompson– A Cookie and a Cupcake: Tremont
Ky-Wai Wong– Lucky’s CafĂ©: Tremont
Eric Wells- Skye LaRae Culinary Services

These Chefs will cook for Jewel next Monday, March 22nd, 5:30-9pm. You can make a reservation online through the event site, or by calling 330-353-4991. Parking is included! The web site also accepts online contributions, so you can support this effort even if you can't make it to the event.

For those of you who have never enjoyed Chef Jeff's cuisine (and you might have in the past without even knowing it at The Leopard, Light Bistro, Dante and Lockkeepers) - I strongly recommend that you visit North End in Hudson, where Jeff is now Executive Chef. You will not be disappointed!

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