Thursday, March 25, 2010

Give me back that filet of fish, give me that fish . . .

It is a little fascinating how this silly jingle has embedded itself in the American consciousness. Still, I can't deny that it is very catchy. There is a new version of it playing on television this Lenten season, making us reconnect with the tune whether we like it or not!

This tune was not at the top of my head last weekend when I visited Bay Lobsters Fish Market in Twinsburg, Ohio. Having recently returned from a 2+ week vacation in Florida, I didn't expect to be bowled over by anything in a Cleveland area fish store. Well, silly me. Bay Lobsters specializes in procuring "just caught" fresh fish for the Cleveland-area market, and they do this very well.

There, in the fresh fish case, were these beautiful Florida Red Snappers, weighing about 1 pound each. And that song started playing in my head. "Give me back that filet of fish, give me that fish (ahh!), give me back that filet of fish, give me that fish." 


The daughter of owners John and Cindy (I'm sorry I'm not remembering your name) cheerfully gave our dinner her special attention. Though the fish was already gutted and scaled, she spent several minutes cleaning them up more precisely and snipping off the sharp fins. She also wrapped my other choice - the gorgeous Alaskan Halibut - then offered to share a few Ruby Red Shrimps for us to sample.  


"What if it were you hanging up on this wall? If it were you in that sandwich you wouldn't be laughing at all!"

Ok, this selection doesn't fit the tune as well as the snapper - but this Alaskan Halibut was as pristine as the snapper. 

Anyway, back to the snapper, which we stuffed with garden Chinese Flowering Chives from the freezer, garden Oregano (darn if it didn't survive the winter!) and salt and pepper. Rubbed outside with EVOO and more salt and pepper - it was ready for the grill! Oh, and did I mention that it smelled exquisitely clean and fresh - equal to, if not more pristine, than any fish we'd had in Florida?

"Give me back that filet of fish, give me that fish" . . . oh well, there you go again

No - sorry my friend, but your filets, your cheeks, every sweet part of you - after a visit with Mister Weber - is mine!

2009 Garden Corn, Creamed  with Coconut Milk instead of Cream, With Garden Hot Pepper and Thyme

Creamed corn and asparagus sauteed in EVOO rounded out the Saturday evening meal.

And what of our other victim?

8/10ths of a pound yielded two meaty steaks, also destined for the grill on Sunday.

More yums! Filet o Fish - you are mine!  Truthfully, as catchy as the ad is, I cannot stomach what it really stands for, i.e. processed fast food that can't hold a candle to the taste and freshness of the fish I bought at Bay Lobsters.

The below satire of the "Give Me That Filet of Fish" commercial is - sorry - a bit tasteless. But parts of it are very funny, so I thought I'd share. Well, since the internet isn't sharing - here's the link.

Take that, you - you fishie you! And shop for your truly fresh and tasty fish at Bay Lobsters, if you live in the Cleveland-Twinsburg area!

As the Lent/Pre-Passover Seasons come to end, I hope you have enjoyed playing with your fish as much as I have! Next up - Pike, Whitefish and yes, Carp - Gefilte Fish custom ground by Mister Brisket. Stay tuned - and play with that fish!

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  1. Well now, I drive by that place all the time and never have I gone in. I will now. Halibut here we come.