Monday, April 5, 2010

Fun Playing with Soup and Fried Rice for Lunch at Wonton Gourmet

Wonton Gourmet continues to excel at providing Clevelanders warming, satisfying Chinese comfort food. This lunch, which took place while the weather was still bitterly cold and snowy, was perfectly balanced in flavor and texture and it tasted like it had come to my plate right from Guangzhou, China. (This next sentence is just an excuse to link my prior Wonton Gourmet posts - Wonton Gourmet (3211 Payne Avenue, 216-875-7000, no website), each of the last 8 words, and a couple of the upcoming words, has a link to a different FPWF WG post.)

My two lawyer-lunchmates had never been to Wonton before. They were delighted with the turnip cakes and chive potstickers.


What else could three ladies share for a satisfying and authentically Chinese lunch? Why - soup and fried rice. But this is not your corner Chinese take-out soup and fried rice!

Mustard Green Soup with Pork and Tofu, Salted Eggs 


This steaming hot bowl of soup, the "small" size, but more than plenty for the three of us, contained a richly flavored broth, which caressed intensely tasty (and green) mustard greens, tender pork, and creamy tofu.

Fried Rice With Salted Fish and Chicken

I seldom get to enjoy Wonton's fried rice, and that is my loss. Made in the authentic style - meaning no soy sauce, and probably fried in lard - this is what fried rice is supposed to taste like. And it tastes good!


The "salted fish" is actually a dried fish similar to the more Western (and therefore familiar) bacalao (Spanish), or baccalĂ  (Italian). Originally developed as a preservation method, salting, drying and then reconstituting mild fish intensifies the flavor. This brightly flavored fish pairs well with the blander chicken meat and shredded lettuce in this dish. We all enjoyed it.

The portions, as always, were more than ample, and the leftovers came home to feed my husband. And so, another fun time playing with authentic Chinese food at Wonton Gourmet came to a happy end.

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