Wednesday, June 16, 2010

More Fun Playing with Ohio City Pasta, Kate's Fish and Copper River Salmon

And so, when we last left Cleveland Ohio (which trip was that - three in six weeks!), I had collected my second installment of my prize from Ohio City Pasta at Cleveland's West Side Market.

I apologize - so much time has passed that I'm not sure which pasta was which! Above was  garlic and chive pasta, I'm pretty sure. Below, something yummy, but I don't recall which.

On this trip to the West Side Market, we scored some beautiful sweet peppers and asparagus from The Basketeria.

Add in some scapes from our garden, and fun food was within our grasp. The only thing missing was the protein. Thanks to Kate's Fish and Cordova Alaska's own Bill Webber, that problem was brilliantly solved by Copper River Sockeye salmon!

Saturday night dinner - cast iron seared salmon with caramelized red onions and dill, sauteed asparagus and peppers, and Ohio City Pasta with Ohio City Roasted Red Pepper Sauce!

The second night, I was too lazy for cast iron and used the All-Clad, and I added some wonderful garden scapes to the mix!

Ah yes, and some pesto Bob found in the fridge, which I'd made for a salmon dinner a short time ago. It was still most tasty.

And so, we continue to have fun playing with our Ohio City Pasta prize, as well as delights from the sea as delivered by Kate's Fish! Oh - and a new variety of smokie at Czuchraj's - Honey-Hot Smokies!,

Damn, I love these things! The West Side Market = Fun, Fun, Fun! Add in Ohio City Pasta, Kate's Fish, Basketeria and Czuchraj Meats and you will have some of the finest food Cleveland can offer to play with.

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