Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Final Fun Playing With Passover Food 2011

And so, another Passover is in the books. Here are a few final notes and photos.

For our second Seder, we did a blind taste taste, pitting Mister Brisket's Meyer Natural Angus sustainably raised, USDA Prime Brisket (finished on corn) against Farmer Aaron Miller's 100% Grass Fed, Pasture Raised, Brisket. The results were very interesting (and of course, Bob and I knew which was which).

The Meyer brisket, which I acquired for the Cleveland Plain Dealer photo shoot for the Taste section (with more content on-line; click here and here to read all about it!) prior to the actual Passover holiday, was a whole brisket. We cut off the point (it's in the freezer waiting for the chili pot) and went to work on the flat.

Meyer Brisket Seasoned with Hot and Sweet Paprika, Salt, Black Pepper and Garlic Granules

Manischewitz Tomato Mushroom Sauce Is Added  

Cooked Halfway or so, then Sliced 

Miller's Brisket (the biggest flat I've ever seen!)


And the moment of truth - can you tell which is which?

(Photo (c) Edsel Little, used with permission)

(Photo (c) Edsel Little, used with permission)

Our table of 10 diners was split almost down the middle as to which brisket was preferred. I liked the taste and texture of the Meyer beef (the first of the two plates shown here) just a little better than the Miller beef (immediately above). Bob felt the opposite. Both were delicious.

Carrot Tzimmes
(Photo (c) Edsel Little, used with permission) 

 I don't make this dish often, but the chilly weather (and the score of Miller Farm shortrib at the West Side Market) convinced me. It's not much to look at, but it tastes so good - flanken is browned, then cooked for many hours low and slow with carrots, sweet potato, diced prune and a bit of salt and sweet paprika.

I also made Maztoh Pancakes this year - Bob doesn't care for them, but I just had a craving:

Separating the eggs really made a difference in the taste and texture. The pancakes consist of egg, matzoh meal, milk (Snowville Creamery rocks), and a pinch of salt.

Matzoh Pancakes Topped with Herbthyme Bing Cherry Jam


As much as I enjoy the Passover holiday and the wonderful culinary traditions - I confess that I really, really enjoyed my pizza at Flour tonight. I hope that you all enjoyed the Spring holidays of your choice and I'll have a post about Flour shortly!

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