Saturday, August 9, 2014

Fun Playing With Nigerian Food Near Boston

The end of June brought us to the Boston area for vacation time with old friends and a large convention downtown. Naturally, we lost no time playing with our food. 

The first highlight is Suya Joint, specializing in Nigerian food, a cuisine I'd yet to try. Though our food was  served a little differently from the Nigerians at the next table (less spice), it was all very tasty and I hope to try them again. If you are in or near Jamaica Plain, Suya Joint is worth a visit:  

Though we opted for this non-alcoholic brew (which was very refreshing with the spicy food), Suya Joint has beer and wine available. 

Assorted Appetizers
Back to front: Beef Suya (thinly sliced beef seasoned with Nigerian spices and ground peanuts, skewered and grilled; we were not offered the spicy option we saw at the next table that was also served with raw onions), Chicken Suya (chicken breast seasoned with Nigerian spices and ground peanuts, then skewered and grilled), Meat Pies (Seasoned ground beef wrapped in pie crust and baked), and to the right, Moi-Moi (steamed bean pudding made from a mixture of washed and peeled black-eyed peas, onions and fresh ground peppers). 

My entree:

FUFU pounded yam dumpling with Ogbono Soup containing Crushed Mango Seeds with Nigerian herbs and spices and something viscous, probably okra, with goat meat on the bone:

Cassava Fufu dumpling with Egusi Soup (melon, tomato, spinach) with beef.

These dishes are eaten by breaking off pieces of the Fufu dumpling with the fingers, then dipping it into the bowl. The Nigerians at the next table had no utensils at all; being less practiced, we were grateful for fork and spoon to get all the luscious juices. 

I actually liked the taste and texture of Bob's Egusi more than my dish, but the Ogbono was also very satisfying. Neither was exceptionally spicy, but very flavorful. Unfortunately, they were out of our first choices, which included Taushe - peanut stew with vegetables and a blend of herbs and Nigerian spices, that I'd really hoped to try. Oh well, I have an excuse to go back! Service is wonderful and this food is fun that not only tastes good, but it's a cuisine that you don't eat every day.

Suya Joint Restaurant
25 Poplar Street
Roslindale, MA 02131

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