Thursday, March 26, 2015

Fun Playing With Food Trucks and Seafood in Boston

Since life has slowed just a bit, it seems like a good time to continue my report on our Boston trip. July seems like another lifetime ago, with warm sunny skies and a whole city at our fingertips! We moved to a downtown hotel to attend a convention the day after visiting Gloucester. A first order of business was to go on a whale-watching cruise. We encountered a number of humpbacks and enjoyed a very satisfying tourist experience.

Of course, we'd need to eat before embarking on the trip. A series of food trucks alternate at a traffic loop just across from where the boats go out; when we arrived, none of them was quite open yet, so we had time to ponder our choices. Though really, when you have a choice called "The Bacon Truck," pondering isn't really necessary.

Benny's crepes looked good - but not as good as BACON!

The Grilled Cheese: bacon, tomato, cheddar, havarti

The Hangover: Bacon, Hash, Fried Egg, Cheddar, Havarti

Our dinner that evening was less successful. Though recommended by local Chowhounders, Tapeo disappointed on almost every level. Perhaps our small appetites and lack of alcohol consumption had something to do with it, but food, and especially service, were lacking.


Our lunch the next day at Atlantic Fish Company went much better. 

Clam Chowder

Soft Shell Crab BLT w/Avocado, salad, dressing
Bob's lunch made me jealous! Mine, below, was good, but his was exquisite!

Grilled Local Scallops, corn cake, broccoli w/butter
It was a mistake to get the scallops grilled; they wound up a little dry.

The corn cake was marvelous, though. 

We really went over-board (so to speak) on being touristy for the Fourth of July. My history-buff husband wanted to go out on a lunch cruise to watch the USS Constitution come into the water, cruise the harbor,turn around and make a 21 gun salute. Normally, this occurs every July 4, but immediately following the 2014 edition, the Constitution went into drydock for a multi-year repair project, so this one was special. 

The weather was dreary, but the lively crew kept our spirits up for a fun afternoon! After the turnaround, they proceeded to give a detailed harbor tour that was interesting and entertaining.

The USS Constitution as she floats

We didn't expect much from the lunch buffet, but we were pleasantly surprised.

Clam Chowder

Lobstah Rolls!
Lobster Roll was the feature of this better-than-I-expected lunch buffet. The potato salad was also freshly made and pretty good, and the chowda seemed like a good quality food service product. The beef tips were kind of meh, but I wasn't really there for the beef, anyway. I skipped the salad, tortellini, chicken fingers and chicken salad rolls. 

A fun time in Boston Harbor playing with food and history despite the soggy weather, and some tasty eats!

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  1. Eating bacon is one of the great things to do. Haha! Well, The Bacon Truck seemed to cater varieties of dishes that can be made from that delicious bacon. And that’s good news for bacon-lovers like us, huh? Haha! Thanks for sharing your experience with those mouthwatering foodstuff, Nancy! More power to you!

    Vivian Wolfe @ Jerrys-Kitchen