Sunday, August 9, 2015

Fun Playing with Waffles

I've been wanting a good waffle iron for years. It never felt like there was a place to store it, so the dream went unfulfilled. Until my birthday this year. Seven months into not having a stove, it was time for a birthday present. Behold, the Iron Chef of Waffle Irons:

If I had learned nothing else from the cheap waffle iron I bought almost 30 years ago - don't cheap on a waffle iron if you want to make anything other than, well, waffles. This hunk of All Clad is built like a tank. And we've already started to put it through some unconventional paces, with great success. 

Our very first meal with it transversed the ordinary:

Savory Sweet Corn Waffle

We topped our first waffles with a Sausage Gravy made with our first bag of Hot Italian Sausage from our 2014 half Miller Livestock Co., Inc. Berkshire Hog. Served up with Farmers' Market Green Beans, it was a terrific way to inaugurate the new waffle maker.

The leftovers made for a fabulous breakfast topped with Tea Hill Farms poached eggs:

Out next waffle meal featured a regular buttermilk waffle (with a bit less sugar added to the batter), serving as buns for savory burgers. First up, Lamb-Chorizo Burgers served with Mint-Yogurt Raita, Lettuce, Tomato, Onion, Snap Peas (not pictured). Breychak Farm lamb combined with spicy Saucisson chorizo, Yum.

Bob was a bit overly generous in sizing the patties, and we had some leftovers. 

The next night, we rinsed and repeated, using a mixture of the Saucisson Chorizo and ground beef we received in connection with the Kickstarter campaign of Blue Loon Farm, and a batch of yeast-batter waffles. This time, we made the patties smaller, and so had enough for two meals! Spicy heaven on a waffle!

Meal 2

Next up: BLTs, on yet another batch of Yeasted Waffles! Our last pound of Brechak Farm bacon gave it's all, in an oven-baked weave of deliciousness.

Today's experiment involved potatoes. We'd gotten some beautiful purple spuds at the Geauga Fresh Farmers' Market, and this morning, I shredded, drained and waffled them:

Here, the waffles are topped with poached Blue Eggs from two different farmers, and our first sample of the bacon we got from our Miller Farm hog. The taters were cooked through on the inside and super crispy on the outside, with just a bit of butter brushed on the waffle iron and some salt and pepper added to the shreds before waffling. The beautiful simplicity of waffling speaks for itself. 

Fun playing with waffles - what shall we waffle next? 


  1. Fun! No brownie waffle sundae?

    1. LOL Jill - we're just not big sweets eaters. But I'm sure we'll get to them eventually!