Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Playing with Breakfast Food at Jim's Open Kitchen

We've been in NY for the past week. The primary reason for the trip was my nephew's Bar Mitzvah, but we stayed a few extra days to give us some time to play with food in NYC and NJ.

But first, a few words (and images) regarding Jim's Open Kitchen. We started both our February trip to Destin and our most recent trip with breakfast at Jim's. I couldn't resist photographing this poignant

Steak & Eggs Breakfast

Sausage & Eggs Breakfast

One of my favorite things at Jim's are the made-from-scratch home fries. I asked the cook how he kept these freshly cut potatoes so white:

He explained that they are boiled and skinned prior to service, so they don't oxidize.

Cheese Omelet Breakfast

Bacon & Eggs

'Nuff said. Great breakfasts!

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