Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Fun Playing With Chicken Paprikash at Kalie's Family Restaurant

I've said before that the friendly folks at Kalie's Family Restaurant treat you like family. They'll even keep a "call" list to let you know when a particular special is to be served! During a recent visit, Bernie mentioned that he loves chicken paprikash, and the server said we had to try theirs. The secret recipe, she claimed, is from the cook's grandmother, and it can't be beat.

Well, last Monday we got a call that the Chicken Paprikash was up, so we trundled over to 4446 Mayfield Road, South Euclid Ohio [(216) 382-4490] to give it a try.

The daily special offers so much food, it's really more geared to dinner than lunch. Still, at a very reasonable $8.99 - what's not to like? The meal began with choice of house-made soup: split pea with ham or beef vegetable. We opted for the latter.

This concoction oozed beefy flavor, though wasn't much actual beef in it. This was fine, however, because it allowed the fresh vegetables to shine through.

That broth did not come from a commercial base or frozen package. Yum.

The same could be said for the salad, which also accompanied the meal. Though very simple - the iceberg lettuce had that "off the head" quality and texture - no triple wash with bleach for these greens!

Finally - the main course.

The roasted red peppers lent a deep sweetness to the dish, which wasn't very spicy to start with. As the server explained, they always keep things palatable for the masses. I suggested to Dimitri that they serve a little hot Hungarian pepper on the side; he said I should have asked for it.

Ummm - Sour Cream Gravy!

Definitely not kosher - but most delicious.

Did I mention that I really liked this dish? We all had fun playing with Kalie's paprikash!

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