Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Fun Playing with Kurobuta Sausage

When I decided to pick up some Kurobuta sausage from Mister Brisket last Friday, I never expected it to be so amazing. Maybe because the Thai Veal Sausage is so good - I don't know why this variety wasn't on my radar. Well, it is now!

We grilled some of it up tonight, with potatoes that had a 15 minute dunk in simmering water and then some seasoning. Oh my goodness - just delicious!



This sausage has a pleasantly spicy bite, and big, big pork flavor.

Another Angle

We started dinner with salad (and the last Howards Farm tomato) and enjoyed Howards Farm asparagus with dinner - it was every bit as tender and delicious as it had looked. We steamed it lightly and added a pinch of salt.

This was the essence of having fun playing with our food!

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  1. looks delicious. would be great with a cold beer.